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SellMerchandise - Berserk T-Shirt | Guts - Band Of The

Berserk T-Shirt | Guts - Band Of The Falcon

Guts, as the Captain of the Falcon's Raiders in the manga "Berserk," presents a younger, yet still formidable figure compared to his later "Black Swordsman" persona. During this phase of...
SellMerchandise - Berserk T-Shirt | Guts - Black Swordsman

Berserk T-Shirt | Guts - Black Swordsman

Guts, the protagonist of the manga "Berserk," is a formidable and brooding warrior known as the "Black Swordsman." He carries an enormous sword, the Dragonslayer, a massive, broad blade that is...
SellMerchandise - Berserk T-Shirt | Guts in Berserker Armor

Berserk T-Shirt | Guts in Berserker Armor

When Guts, the protagonist of the manga "Berserk," dons the Berserker Armor, his appearance becomes both fearsome and ethereal, embodying the ferocity and torment of his character. The Berserker Armor...

Berserk Apparel Collection

Hey fellow Berserk fans!

I'm super excited to share with you our limited Berserk T-Shirt Collection by SellMerchandise. Being a die-hard fan of the Berserk series myself, I've poured my love and passion for this epic saga into curating these special t-shirts. Each one celebrates a different phase of our hero, Guts' journey, and I can't wait for you to check them out!

  1. Berserk T-Shirt | Guts - Band Of The Falcon: Ah, the days of the Band of the Falcon! This t-shirt is a nod to Guts' time as the fierce captain of this legendary mercenary group. It's a piece that reminds us of his leadership and the bonds he formed. A perfect addition to your collection if you're as nostalgic about this era as I am.

  2. Berserk T-Shirt | Guts - Black Swordsman: This one's for all of you who, like me, are captivated by Guts' relentless journey for vengeance. The "Guts - Black Swordsman" t-shirt brings to life his formidable presence and that iconic Dragonslayer sword. It's more than just merch; it's a tribute to Guts' unyielding spirit.

  3. Berserk T-Shirt | Guts in Berserker Armor: Get ready to unleash the beast with our "Guts in Berserker Armor" t-shirt. This design captures the intensity and raw power of Guts in that awe-inspiring armor. It's a must-have for anyone who's been thrilled by those epic battle scenes.

Our collection is made with love, not just for the series, but for the community of Berserk fans out there. Each t-shirt is made from top-quality, 100% cotton because I know how important comfort is when you're out there showing off your Berserk pride.