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Ronnie Radke wearing vintage t-shirt from SellMerchandise

Ronnie Radke

musician and music producer mostly known for bands Falling In Reverse and Escape the Fate wearing t-shirt purchased from our shop.

Josh Barnett holding vintage t-shirt from SellMerchandise

Josh Barnett

is holding t-shirt curated by our team. He is American mixed martial artist currently signed to Bellator MMA and the youngest ever UFC Heavyweight Champion.

Nergal wearing vintage t-shirt from SellMerchandise

Adam "Nergal" Darsky

musician, mostly known by solo project Me and that Man, and as vocalist of extreme metal band Behemoth is wearing t-shirt curated by our team.

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Our story is started from midle 90s when I was born. My name is Yurii and I am from Ukraine. As regular 90s kid in Ukraine I was obsessed with western culture: 80s, 90s and y2k movies, cartoons and of course music. John Rembo, Terminator, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Looney Tunes and another characters was my foreign friends that days.

In 2000 in Ukraine people still used VHS and compact cassette tapes, they shared it with each other and it was kinda Ukrainian version of that era Netflix. I still remember when I bought my first Rammstein cassette tape when I was 6 years old. It was big money for small ukraninan kid but I was a true fan already. First time I heard Rammstein at my cousin's apartment, than he introduced to me other bands like Nightwish, Blind Guardian, Iron Maiden, Metallica and others.

Years passed and I am already a teenager. Heavy metal was already to easy for me so I started to listen black and death metal bands and visiting local music festivals. By the way this was the time when I found out what thrift shops are.

So I started thrifting. Thrifting in Ukraine it's not the same as in another countries. Ukrainian thrifts has product replenishment every week at the same day and hour, for example 09:00 in the Tuesday morning. So you just go there and waiting in line until store is open, and when they open doors you are literrally running like in athletics competition.

You must know where are you running, to the shoes shelf or jackets rack, etc. Also you must be well-informed in brands you can find there and what it's worth. So at ukrainian thrift stores you can find $1000 Louis Vuitton bag, Gucci sneakers or literally anything. It's like hunting but you must compete with people that standing with you in that line before the door opened.

I found very big amount of high price clothes and accesories like Prada, Gucci, Stone Island Off-White, there was even gold plated watches, golden chains, very rare soccer jerseys and of course vintage t-shirts. For some people thrifting is what they do for a living. I met some thrifters from my city that thrifting for 15 or even 20 years and selling stuff online. I hunted in thrift shops for 7 years and sold what I found at internet for a local audience.

Then one of my friends told me that it's better to sold items worldwide, so I started my shop at Ebay and Grailed. It was 2018. From there are I started to collect vintage tees. Cartoons, movies and bands from my memories started materialize into vintage t-shirts. After 5000 clothes sold worldwide I am launching this website. I value your trust so here you will find only legit items with best possible quality.

For 4 years of selling vintage t-shirts our returning customer rate is more than 50%, thank you for choosing us and thank you for your trust.