Vintage t-shirts tags

Vintage t-shirts tags

What vintage t-shirts tags say? Full guide.

    Vintage t-shirts are highly sought-after for their unique designs, comfortable fit, and nostalgic charm. But did you know that the tag on the inside of the shirt can also offer clues to its authenticity and age? Here is a list of some of the most popular vintage t-shirt tags to look out for:

Screen Stars tags



    Screen Stars is one of the most iconic vintage t-shirt tags, produced by the VF Corporation in the 1980s and 1990s. These shirts are known for their high-quality cotton, soft feel, and durability. You can find vintage band tees and movie t-shirts on Screen Stars tag. Can be single stitch on sleeve and hem. Can be double stitch (late 90s red version).


Giant Merchandising tags



    Giant was another popular brand in the 1990s, known for their oversized t-shirts. Giant mostly printed band tees and Warner Bros merchandising.


Gildan Activewear tags



    Gildan is a Canadian-based company that has been producing t-shirts since the 1980s. Their tags often feature a detailed logo and information about the shirt's fabric content and care instructions. You can find pretty much anything printed on Gildan, including some local ads.

Vintage Fruit of the Loom tags



    Fruit of the Loom is a household name when it comes to underwear and t-shirts. Similar to Gildan, Fruit of the Loom is a large company with a long history, so you can find band tees, movie tees, cartoon tees, and more printed on their shirts.

Hanes tags on vintage t-shirts



    Hanes is another well-known brand that has been producing t-shirts since the early 1900s. Hanes printed pretty everything from MC Hammer concert t-shirts to 1990s Olympics promo t-shirts.

Brockum and Brockum-Group vintage tags



    Brockum is a brand that was popular in the 1980s and 1990s, known for producing concert t-shirts featuring popular bands and musicians. If you find a movie t-shirt on a Brockum tag, you can be sure it's a fake.

Liquid Blue tags



    Liquid Blue is a brand that was popular in the 1990s, known for producing tie-dyed and fantasy-themed t-shirts. Liquid Blue printed their own designs.

Blue Grape tags on vintage t-shirts



    Blue Grape is a brand that was popular in the 1990s, best known for producing t-shirts featuring psychedelic graphics and designs. Blue Grape is mostly known for printing t-shirts for extreme metal bands.

3D Emblem tags



    3D Emblem is a brand that was popular in the 1980s and 1990s, known for producing t-shirts featuring motorcycle and biker designs. You can find Harley-Davidson t-shirts from the 1980s to early 1990s on 3D-Emblem tags.
    This list is not fully, there are hundreds of tags on vintage t-shirts, but we want to show you most common. We will update this article time after time. 

Old tag means authentic t-shirt?

     When shopping for vintage t-shirts, it's important to pay attention to the tag, as it can offer valuable information about the shirt's authenticity and age. Whether you're a fan of retro band graphics, iconic brand logos, or psychedelic designs, there's a vintage t-shirt out there for everyone.
    As a result, it's important to rely on more than just the tag when determining the authenticity of a vintage t-shirt. Factors such as the condition of the shirt, the quality of the print, stitching, copyright if the shirts is licenced, and the overall design of the shirt should also be taken into consideration.

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